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I intend to run a 19mm pipe down the length of the container on the outside that will deliver the cold water to anywhere I want a cold feed. I started with a short run and dropped a line down to the proposed kitchen tap. I will use 3/4 inch pipe instead of 1/2 inch as this will increase the volume for a gravity feed system. I ran a pipe down the outside of the container and put a tap on the inside and the outside. The plan is to have a gravity feed with a large head to create water pressure. Failing that I can use a pump if required to pressurise the cold system.


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I installed a cold water gravity feed header tank to provide water to the taps (not yet fitted) and all of the water appliances. The barrel was originally placed on the roof, but 200 litres caused the roof to flex a little and it needed a more substantial frame to sit on. I am also enthusiastic about having a safety rail on the roof.

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