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The stove was great but when we stayed overnight we found that there was smoke leakage when you put a new log on the fire. A trip round the shops that sell woodburning fires revealed that they ALL had 6 inch flue pipes. The pipe I had used was 4 inches. I bought stainless steel flue in 3 pieces and made a collar. Put on a roof insulator to prevent the pipe from burning the ceiling and finished it off with a chinamans hat. I added a bracket to secure the top section. It rained for almost a solid week whilst I was without a chimney and cutting the larger hole in the roof was challenging with water pouring down my arms. I spent the day in the container with the stove door open and no smoke came into the living area. Hurrah.


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The evenings at the container were getting cooler and it was apparent a heat source was needed. Wood burning stoves are not cheap and the budget was low. After a short while a ‘safe” became available and Robin and I made a stove with some help from Jacob. Robin incorporated the tie down hooks into the design of the drop latches. The fire works a treat and we are all very proud of it.

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